Weather in Mauritius in September

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Météo ile maurice en septembre

The weather in Mauritius in September is generally perfect. During September maximum daytime temperatures range from moderate in Flic-en-Flac with 21°C (70°F) to warm in Port Louis with 28°C (82°F) on average. Nighttime temperatures generally drop to 19°C (67°F) in Port Louis and 18°C (64°F) in Flic-en-Flac. Rainfall ranges from light in Port Louis with 17 mm (0.7 inches) to moderate in Bel Ombre at the other end of the island with 86 mm (3.4 inches). September coincides with the end of winter in Mauritius. 

Sunny weather in September

There are normally seven hours of sunshine per day in Mauritius in September, which is about 60% of the daylight hours. In winter, there is less sunshine, usually from six in the morning to six in the evening. During the winter months, the central plateau receives about 5.0 hours of sunlight while the coast receives over 7.5 hours of sunlight. Although the days have been getting shorter, the earlier arrival of dusk becomes particularly noticeable in September. This is because the northern hemisphere loses daylight at its fastest rate around the September equinox.

Humidity in September

The probability of a specific day in Mauritius recording high humidity increases rapidly in September, from 22% to 38%. However, among the twelve months of the year, September is the least humid month with an overall relative humidity of 68.8%. Once again, some regions in the center, such as Curepipe, Floréal, Vacoas and Bois-Chéri, are mainly concerned by the humid air, which can sometimes be disturbing, but elsewhere in the island this problem does not arise. On the coasts for example, visitors will not have to worry about the humidity level.

Weather in Mauritius in September - Rainfall in September

You will usually encounter light to heavy rain, but only in short bursts. Overall, Mauritius in September is drier and sunnier than July and August and not yet as hot as October because it is often cloudy. There is a 75% chance of a perfect sunny day and a 25% chance of a mix of sun and clouds with an average of 14mm of rainfall throughout September.

Weather in Mauritius in September - The temperature of the sea

September is the beginning of the hot and humid summer season in Mauritius with warm and sunny weather. As there is very little rainfall during this month, it is ideal for sightseeing and hiking in Mauritius. It is also the best month for whale watching, windsurfing and sailing. The average sea temperature in September remains around 24 degrees Celsius, which is comfortable for swimming.

Places to visit to enjoy the weather in September in Mauritius

The month of September is ideal for hiking in the forest and there is no shortage of places to go. You have the choice between the Black River Gorges, the domains open to the public like La Vallée des Couleurs in Chamouny or in the north with the public walk of Bras D'Eau which delivers the secrets of a preserved and green Mauritius. You will see the whole ecosystem of mangroves in their natural habitat. It is also recommended to sea lovers to take a tour in Tamarin Bay to observe closely the whales in transit in Mauritian waters.

Port Louis

Port-Louis is the lung of Mauritius. The economic capital of the country. There is no shortage of attractions and food. Port-Louis is also the capital of street food in Mauritius with its districts that are China Town and Plaine Verte. If you love horse racing, the Champ de Mars awaits you. The weather in September in Mauritius will make you enjoy the biggest race of the local calendar, the Maiden Cup!

Tamarin Bay

The weather in September in Mauritius allows you to practice several activities in the Tamarin Bay area. If you are more into water sports, you will have good waves to surf. The month of September is also marked by the passage of whales that can be observed in the bay during their migration. There is also the possibility to see dolphins and swim with them. And then a hike to discover the Tamarin Falls.

Big game fishing

Mauritius is a year-round big game fishing destination. If you are visiting in September, you may be able to catch black marlin, skipjack tuna, hammerhead sharks and dorado. The weather in September in Mauritius allows for offshore boat trips for big game fishing. The best time of the year to fish in Mauritius depends a lot on the species of fish you are targeting. The reality is that each fish has its own season.

Domaine de Bois Chéri

Bois Chéri is the first tea plantation in Mauritius and dates back to 1892. A visit to the Bois Chéri estate is one of the main sites on the Mauritian Tea Route. It is the place where tea lovers will learn how tea is grown, picked and packed. You will travel through history throughout this visit and with the weather in September in Mauritius will feel a surprising sense of tranquility.

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