The Trou Kanaka in Mauritius

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The Trou Kanaka, Mauritius

Trou Kanaka is a crater located in Bois-Chéri, Mauritius. The estimated elevation of the land is 570 metres above sea level. Accessible by rough tracks through tea plantations, Trou Kanaka is another extinct volcano, located in the south of the island. It might be a good idea to include it in your south-southwest tour.

Visiting the Trou Kanaka

One of the main craters in the central region of Mauritius

There are 3 main craters in the centre of the island: Trou aux Cerfs, Grand Bassin, and Trou Kanaka. For those who like to walk, the road to the crater of Trou Kanaka offers an amazing experience in the middle of tea fields. You will find many endemic plants and can even pick guavas while enjoying the tranquility of this green area. 

The crater of Kanaka is very similar to that of Trou aux Cerfs, but its diameter is smaller and it is much less accessible. The bottom of the crater is full of vegetation. At its highest point, you will have a magnificent view of the southern region, the village of Bois-Chéri and its tea fields.

The Trou Kanaka: A secluded and peaceful place

It is not recommended to go alone, so take a guide - preferably a local - and bring water. Off the beaten tourist track, Kanaka Crater is a favourite with hikers and adventure seekers. Because of its unusual and remote location, the site is visited by nature lovers who appreciate the 'unspoilt' character of the place.

The views are splendid. The crater is lined with trees and its base is covered with grass. If you don't live on a volcanic island, this is a rare chance to see a crater. It is not recommended to try to climb down into the crater. It can be dangerous, especially because of the swampy ground in some places. 

Entry to the above sites is free. However, if you wish to visit the Grand Bassin temple (which is a place of worship), appropriate dress is required.

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