Trou aux Biches in Mauritius

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plage de Trou au biches

If there is a paradise on earth, it is the beach of Trou aux Biches, in Mauritius, or so one would think. With its beautiful lagoon and beaches, Trou aux Biches has no real city centre and has retained its charm. Trou aux Biches is located in the northwestern part of Mauritius.

Trou aux Biches, with its hotels, B&Bs, gites, bars and restaurants, is a classic resort by definition. It is, however, a little more relaxed than Flic en Flac or Grand Baie. The beach at Trou aux Biches is also the ideal place to recharge your batteries and relax. The Mauritians and their warm welcome quickly make you forget that first impression of a village cut off from the rest of the island.

Away from the big tourist hazards, you can enjoy the joys of idleness and swimming in an absolutely paradisiacal environment. The clear waters without coral or rocks make swimming all the more enjoyable. You will find most water and beach activities here. From deep sea fishing and scuba diving to beach volleyball and other sports. You can also enjoy more relaxing activities such as reading a good book while lying on your towel on the powdery sand. 

Trou aux Biches beach shares the quality of its sand with a few other beaches in Mauritius, including the nearby Mont Choisy beach. Some other beaches on the east and south coasts also boast this powdery sand. Trou aux Biches is also one of the best diving spots in Mauritius. A few clubs have indeed set up near the beach and offer various activities: boat safari day to discover the wrecks, the Coral Garden and its multicoloured corals, Stella Reef and its tropical fishes…

Diving in Trou au Biches allows you to observe the famous parrot fish, the marlin, and sometimes even sharks and dolphins: an unforgettable experience!

The beauty of this beach comes at a price, of course. It is not that hotels or accommodation in the Trou aux Biches area are particularly expensive. On the contrary, accommodation in the area is generally good value for money. Trou aux Biches is very popular! Indeed, it attracts crowds not only from abroad, but also from all parts of the island. During the high season, it can be very crowded, although the beach is only two kilometres long. It is a must to visit, no matter when you come to Mauritius. Like most beaches in Mauritius, you will find food stalls. There are also several restaurants along the coastal road. 

April, May, June, September, October and November are the best months to stay in Trou aux Biches. As in the other regions of Mauritius! However, we do not advise against the other months of the year. Of course, the only time of the year when we really advise against it is during cyclones. As for the other beaches of the island! With its turquoise blue waters that remain between 20 and 25oC all year round, the beach is undoubtedly the main attraction of Trou aux Biches. The blond sand, the pleasant swimming for children and adults, the fantastic diving conditions, including snorkelling in the lagoon or along the coral reef, are without equal on the island. Apart from its many luxury hotels, the village of Trou aux Biches is almost lifeless after dark. But don't worry, the seaside resort of Grand-Baie, which is more lively in the evening, is only a few kilometres to the north. 

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