Shopping in Port-Louis, the capital of Mauritius

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Shopping in Port-Louis

There are many street vendors that criss-cross the streets of the capital. They not only offer you a wide range of products, but above all they do so at unbeatable prices. In Chinatown, you can buy typical Chinese products such as medicinal herbs. There are also a large number of Chinese restaurants ('snacks'), which offer good food at affordable prices

The Port Louis market (also known as the Port Louis Bazaar) is perfect for finding local products: textiles, jewellery and local souvenirs, as well as fish, vegetables and exotic fruits at very low prices. It is one of the busiest markets on the island. In addition to offering many traditional arts and crafts, the market is an opportunity to taste the local gastronomy: samoussa, faratha, chilli cake, dholl puri, alouda, grated ice cube..

The Caudan WaterFront

Next to the market is the Caudan Waterfront shopping centre. These shops offer top-of-the-range products, and several food courts. It also has a section dedicated to the craft market, the 'Craft Market'. With 170 shops, the Caudan Waterfront is an inevitable place for shopping. The shopping centre is now a must for tourism and cultural life in Mauritius. There is also another shopping centre, the Happy World House, where you can find designer clothes, jewellery, perfumes and mobile phone accessories, among others.

It should be noted that Mauritius is one of the main exporters of ready-to-wear clothing. Many houses have their production unit on the island and they sell part of their production there. We are talking about brands such as Burberry, Hugo Boss, Gap, Napapijri, and Café Cotton among others.

Endroit touristique du Caudan Waterfront



Mauritius has also made a speciality in the manufacture of models of old ships. Notably replicas reconstructed according to original plans such as historic sailing ships. A jewel of Mauritian craftsmanship, they are made with finesse, patience and precision. From the 1970s onwards, several workshops have specialised in the manufacture and sale of these replicas. Mauritius is even one of, if not the most important manufacturer and exporter of scale model boats. Composed of thousands of elements and designed with quality wood, the largest ones require up to 400 hours of work. They can cost up to 4,000 euros, but basic models can be purchased for less than 100 euros.

A little reminder for you travellers! When you leave Mauritius, you can apply for a VAT refund at the airport. You will need to produce the corresponding receipts and items.

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