Pointe d'Esny: The wind in your sails....

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Pointe dEsny - Le vent en poupe

Pointe d'Esny is where the Dutch colonisation began before the French settlers arrived. You will be amazed to see that this part of the island is still preserved. A place where nature, pristine beaches and a turquoise lagoon are all at your fingertips, with everything you need to live in peace… This is what Pointe d'Esny offers you.  At the entrance to the village, the tree-lined avenues give the place a unique character. Near the ponds, the vegetation will also be very present through the planting of numerous native species and trees, in order to restore some of the original coastal vegetation.

Within 5 minutes of this village, you can enjoy Mahébourg and its typical atmosphere and beyond the beach of Blue Bay and its marine park. From Pointe d'Esny you can take a trip to the Ferney Valley or climb the Lion Mountain in 10 minutes. The village is located 15 minutes from the airport, 30 minutes from Curepipe and about 45 minutes from Port Louis. Long perceived by Mauritians as being mainly a holiday destination. Pointe d'Esny beach is one of the many beaches in Mauritius located in the Grand Port area.

Access to Blue Bay beach

Escape the hustle and bustle of Blue Bay Beach and visit this hidden gem on the southern outskirts of Mahebourg. To get there, you need to be careful. Indeed, its entrance from the coastal road can easily be missed, sandwiched between the residential properties on the coast. Without infringing on private property, the only way to access Pointe d'Esny beach by land is to cross a small 150 metre long path from the coastal road. The path is two metres wide and lies between two private properties in the centre of Pointe d'Esny.

You will not find any signs, public toilets, snack bars, parking areas or any other type of facility here. What you will find, however, is a good kilometre of fine white sand, with a shallow sandy bottom and absolutely crystal clear waters. This quiet beach is in stark contrast to the tourist trade and bustle of nearby Blue Bay Beach.

With at least 2 kilometres off the barrier reef, this beach offers shallow, calm waters. Apart from the local residents, the chances are that you'll have the beach pretty much to yourself. For a quiet day away from it all, this beach is hard to beat. Property prices at Pointe d'Esny are among the highest in Grand Port, and once you've set foot on the beach, it's easy to see why.

Pointe d'Esny and kitesurfing

Numerous kitesurfing spots can be found on the east coast of Mauritius. The spot, which is located at the southern tip of the island's largest lagoon, offers a huge playground for kitesurfers. The crystal clear water makes each session a unique and memorable experience - from gliding over beautiful coral formations to a fantastic ride over an ancient wreck. 

The spot, which is not very popular because it is not well known, has a south-south-east wind coming in from the open sea, making it the ideal place to practice this sport. In any case, whether the wind is from the north-north-east or south-south-east, the spot offers great experiences. The best time to practice this sport is in winter - with its very moderate tropical temperature, from June to October.  Why? Because it is during this period that the South-East trade winds are at their best, making the Pointe d'Esny spot a 10/10 appointment for aficionados due to the consistent wind during the day (under a bright blue sunny sky) as well as at night (under a beautiful starry canopy).

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