Pereybere Beach

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la plage de Pereybère

Pereybère is situated only a few kilometres from Grand Bay. Strategically located to access the most beautiful sites in the north of Mauritius, this small picturesque village is a real haven for travellers who dream of authenticity. Famous for its superb beach, much less touristy than Grand Bay, this part of the country is home to one of the most popular beaches in the world. Located between Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux, it is difficult to miss. Surrounded by numerous flats, villas, bungalows, restaurants and shops nearby. Parking is available, but this can be a problem. Normally, the early morning hours should give you enough space, but as soon as you approach mid-day, it would be better to walk to the beach!

The beach in the village of Pereybère is mainly frequented by locals who enjoy the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for swimming. The coastal road of Pereybère is dotted with small typical restaurants and folk shops, which are popular with locals and foreigners alike. There are also a number of lively bars, both day and night, which offer plenty of opportunities for socialising.

With its postcard-blue lagoon and its many water activities, it attracts more and more families looking for peace and quiet away from the daily grind of the cities. Tourists take advantage of Pereybère's majestic environment to try their hand at big game fishing. Swimming a few metres out to sea with a mask and snorkel, you can admire some brightly coloured tropical fish. For more thrills, try scuba diving which also allows you to observe the exceptional marine fauna of Mauritius.

The beach of Pereybère is a peaceful place and lets us discover a calm sea.  It is the ideal beach for children and inexperienced swimmers. Sportsmen and women who spend their holidays in Mauritius will be delighted by this heavenly spot where many water sports activities can be practised. After an adrenaline rush, you can come back and lounge on the white sandy beach of Pereybère. Take advantage of the sun to brown your skin and relax on a towel in the sand (or on a deckchair)!

Practical tip: stay hydrated and apply sunscreen regularly to avoid sunburn. You may as well take shelter in the shade of the coconut trees and relax for a while before diving back into the turquoise sea of Pereybere. This beach is a real beauty spot for lovers of the beautiful beaches of Mauritius.

Nudism is prohibited, but monokinis are tolerated. The best time to visit Pereybère beach is early in the morning between 9am and noon, or in the afternoon between 2pm and 5pm.

Activities in Pereybere :

Pedal boat
Scuba diving
Big game fishing

The sand sculptor - the beach attraction

Against all odds, family reluctance, mockery and vandalism, Sanjay Jhowry has followed his path. This self-taught sand sculptor is now a key figure in Pereybera, but also on the island. Sanjay Jhowry does not sculpt sand for money, recognition or fame. He does it for the love of art. Despite the difficulties, he has been going to the public beach in Pereybera, just across the street from his home, for over six years whenever he can.

This sandy beach is both his studio and the showroom for his ephemeral works. He often spends hours, even days, refining his creations. Fictional characters from tales and legends take shape under his nimble fingers. As a hotel host and saxophonist, the sand sculptor is now a household name, and even has a small group of diehard fans.

Sand may not be the most durable of materials, but that's what makes it beautiful. Whether the waves or the wind take their toll on his art, it is inevitable. Let's hope that Sanjay Jhowry will not give in to discouragement, and will continue to amaze young and old with his sand characters.

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