Morne Brabant in Mauritius

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Morne Brabant in Mauritius

Le Morne beach is located on a peninsula on the west coast of Mauritius, at the foot of the majestic Morne Brabant mountain. This mountain is a Unesco World Heritage Site which overlooks a beach that is easily accessible from the coastal road. Although the beach of Morne Brabant is not among the largest, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius.

It is distinguished above all by its environment. Dominated by the enormous mountain, Morne Brabant offers a magnificent stretch of white sand with a heavenly setting during sunsets in winter and summer. Le Morne beach is a beautiful beach with miles of sand and large casuarinas surrounded by crystal clear water, offering excellent visibility ideal for scuba diving, with the Morne mountain as a backdrop. A magnificent setting known as the best kitesurfing spot in Mauritius, some go further and say that Le Morne is one of the best spots in the world.

The magnificent beach of Morne Brabant is divided into two parts: The northern part is the favourite place for swimmers and lazy people who enjoy the sun and crystal clear water. The southern section is dedicated to water sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Articles of interest

Hotels in Morne Brabant, Mauritius

The beach is divided into two parts, themselves divided by hotels. This is the case of the LUX* hotel, a luxurious and uniquely Mauritian hotel located on the seafront. For a more authentic stay, the Morne Brabant is home to the Paradis Hotel, located between the lagoon and the mountain. The Beachcomber hotel offers seductive and luxurious villas, with sea view, designed to welcome tourists in a friendly atmosphere.

Finally, for an idyllic stay, the St. Regis Mauritius Hotel has recently built a luxurious villa in an unimaginable setting. The villa of the St. Regis Mauritius Hotel has 4 suites directly on the beach, where tourists can enjoy the natural wonders of the island.

Kitesurfing in Le Morne

The beach of Le Morne in Mauritius is particularly appreciated by windsurfers and kitesurfers. The conditions are ideal to practice these sports almost all year round. Numerous competitions are organised every year, bringing together international participants such as the Kiteival.

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Swimming at Le Morne beach

Le Morne beach remains a pleasant place for swimming but can be crowded at weekends and on public holidays. It is one of the beaches to visit, especially at sunset when the light breeze caresses your skin in front of an incredible spectacle. The sunset, which gives an orange tone by mixing with this turquoise sea. It will make you dream!

Best times to go

Nudism is prohibited, but topless sunbathing is permitted. The best time to visit Le Morne beach is early in the morning from 8am to 11am, or in the afternoon from 1pm to 5pm. The best time for photography is around 5:30 am in the summer, and around 6:30 pm in the afternoon.

Why is the Morne Brabant a UNESCO heritage site?

Unfortunately, the real history of Morne Brabant is much darker. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, Morne Brabant served as a refuge for runaway slaves, who formed groups in the caves on the summit. Protected by the mountain's forested cliffs, the slaves lived on the mountain for years.

It is said that when slavery was abolished in Mauritius in 1835, the mountain lookouts spotted the approaching British, prompting some of the escapees to throw themselves off the mountain, preferring death to slavery. Tragically, they were unaware of the impending news of freedom.

Today, Morne Brabant symbolises the slaves' fight for freedom, marked by a monument at the foot of the mountain. The Morne mountain has very steep slopes and is difficult to access. However, it is still possible to climb it and enjoy an exceptional view of the surrounding landscapes: filaos, banyan trees and badamiers surrounded by brilliant white sand…

Several types of activities exist in Morne Brabant

The trek: The trek up Morne Brabant is divided into two distinct stages. The first part of the climb consists of following a steep route up one half of the mountain. The second section is to reach the top with the help of ropes fixed to the rock faces. This climb takes approximately 3 to 4 hours and requires a certain level of fitness.
Hiking: Hiking, the lighter version of trekking, is suitable for everyone, even families. The ascent to the summit takes approximately 3 hours.
Trail running: for the more athletic, this sport allows you to start on the seashore and walk for approximately 15 kilometres to an altitude of 260 metres above sea level.

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