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Mauritius holidays: your 2022 travel guide

Your Mauritius holidays in 2022 will be one of discovery, as the island is one of the few places where you can experience both wild and civilized landscapes on one island. Grab your travel essentials and head to Mauritius to enjoy the numerous activities the island has to offer. With its unique combination of adventure and relaxation, Mauritius is the perfect destination for your holidays. Check out our guide to a memorable trip to Mauritius and learn all about this island paradise.

Mauritius holidays: why you should choose this Indian Ocean island

In the West Indian Ocean lies Mauritius, an island that offers multiple treasures and has all the qualities for a dream stay under the tropical sun. The country is home to warm white sandy beaches and lush tropical forests. Due to its location in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius enjoys favorable weather: a warm climate in summer and mild in winter. Temperatures on the island are fairly constant with highs around 28°C and lows around 20°C.

A small island nation in the Indian Ocean, the island offers a multitude of adventures. With its beautiful beaches, turquoise lagoons and warm, welcoming people, a trip to Mauritius is a unique experience for every type of traveler. Adventurers can go scuba diving in search of wrecks and reefs teeming with tropical fish. Hikers can climb the mountains to watch the sunrise before descending for a hot cup of tea. Gourmets can taste Mauritian specialties, a mixture of flavors and aromas. Culture lovers can discover the unique history of Mauritius through the various museums.


Flight to Mauritius


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You want to go to Mauritius on holidays ? Between Europe and Mauritius, it takes between 10 to 18 hours of flight. It all depends on your itinerary: direct flight or with stopovers. You also need to allow about 1,000 euros for a round trip ticket. We advise you to book your flight ticket to Mauritius several weeks or even months in advance to take advantage of the best price.

You will first need a valid passport. The Mauritian authorities will also require proof of your income, as well as your hotel reservations during your stay. Finally, you will also need to present your return ticket before the visa can be issued.

Once you arrive in Mauritius, you should plan to rest for a few hours before setting off on your adventure, because of the time difference, which is 2 hours ahead of French time in the summer and 3 hours in the winter. For your travels, although the bus is a practical and cheap solution, this means of transport can be long. Otherwise, you can take a cab or rent a car. Please note that, as in the country of Her Majesty (the island having been a British colony), you must drive on the left side of the road on the island.


What is the ideal period to enjoy your Mauritius trip?

Mauritius is a wonderful island to visit. The beaches, mountains and towns are all worth exploring. If you want to enjoy the best, plan your Mauritius travel during the months of April to June or September to December.

If you want to surf during your Mauritius trip, go from June to August. If you are a fishing enthusiast, go between October and April. If you are looking for a quiet holiday away from the crowds, plan your trip between early June and mid-September.


Where to enjoy your Mauritius holidays?

A privileged destination, the country has many hotels where you can stay comfortably during your next trip to Mauritius. Mauritius hotels compete in luxury and originality to welcome travelers in a dream setting that will make them instantly forget their jet lag. Mauritius has multiple resorts in which you can spend your dream holidays, with the most attentive and personalised services offered.


Discover our wide choice of hotels to plan your Mauritius holidays.

Enjoy your honeymoon or wedding anniversary in an intimate and romantic setting, in a comfortable bungalow or villa with a panoramic view of the ocean. Each hotel offers a choice of 3 options (half board, full board or all inclusive) which will satisfy the gourmets, who will still allow you to discover the tasty dishes of the Creole cuisine.


Mauritius holidays: discovering the beaches

East coast

The east coast of Mauritius has a fine reputation to uphold: it has the whitest sand and the most elegant resorts. Expect fast currents, atmospheric sunrises and breezy conditions - due to the prevailing south-easterly wind.

Ile aux Cerfs

Off the mainland of Mauritius, Ile aux Cerfs is a fantastic day trip on the east coast. People flock to this island independently, or as part of excursions, from Trou d'Eau Douce. Whichever way you arrive, you'll love the luxurious atmosphere on the island. The island is beautiful, covered with Mauritius' unmissable Casuarina trees. You can walk around Ile aux Cerfs in a few hours, and you will come across many cruisers enjoying cocktails and seafood barbecues on the shore. Avoid it at weekends if you are agoraphobic.

Belle Mare

The Belle Mare region is 10 km long and is dotted with some of the island's most sumptuous resorts. The luxury resorts offer many places to dine. Nearby is one of the island's most famous dives - La Passe de Belle Mare, where you'll drift dive through a magnificent underwater canyon. If you don't have a PADI certificate, you can still go underwater with the popular Belle Mare Underwater Walk. You don't even have to be able to swim to take part: by donning an astronaut-like bubble helmet, you can actually walk on the sea floor.

Point d’Esny

A small path between the buildings leads you to this secret beach on the Pointe d'Esny. There is no shade at Pointe d'Esny, but this stretch of sand is a fantastic place to swim, with a coral reef to protect you from the waves and a magnificent view of Ile Aux Aigrettes.


West coast

Find quiet, family-friendly beaches and sunsets that light up the sand.

Le Morne

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Morne Brabant is popular with tourists and locals alike for its authentic character. Once a refuge for runaway slaves, the peninsula is accompanied by a tragic legend. To escape capture, several slaves jumped to their deaths from its rocky heights. Today it is a World Heritage Site and one of the best walks on the island.


Rough and wild, Tamarin is a popular meeting place for Mauritians, with the magnificent heights of La Tourelle in the background. Tamarin is the best surf spot on the island when conditions are favourable. This area is always good for dolphin watching. You can find shade under the beach's namesake - the tamarind trees. As with the rest of the west coast, Tamarin has beautiful sunsets.

Flic en Flac

On the south-western coast is the seaside resort of Flic en Flac, which has the longest beach on the island. After Grand Bay, the Flic en Flac area is the second most popular tourist centre in Mauritius. It is lively and attractive and is well served by essential services such as restaurants, shops and supermarkets. The wide strip of white sand is 8 km long, with shallow waters and gentle currents.



North coast

The highly developed north coast of Mauritius is one of the most popular seaside resorts. This region has many lively beaches, including Grand Bay.

Mont Choisy

The beautiful beach of Mont Choisy, in the northwest corner of the island, is long, blonde and charming, with beautiful waters for swimming. It is about 5km from Grand Bay, and although there are inexpensive buses to the area, it is normally quiet and peaceful. Fishing boats bob gently on the water and sunbeds can be found stretching in the shade of a long row of trees along the beachfront.

La Cuvette

Grand Bay is too crowded with boats to be considered suitable for swimming, so look for La Cuvette, just a little further north. At 80 metres, it's short and sweet, and popular with locals; plus, you're just a short walk from the restaurants of the Grand Bay area. La Cuvette is served by a convenient car park, plus changing rooms and drinks stands - so families will find their place of choice in the north.


South Coast

Considered picturesque, the southern tip of the island has a rugged coastline, with many bays, coves and offshore reefs. Discover the wilder side of the island.

La Prairie

Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, is known for its beautiful beaches and La Prairie beach is no exception. The beach has a unique atmosphere: it's not just about sunbathing on the sand or swimming in the warm waters - it's also an escape from civilisation, with no shops or restaurants nearby, so you can relax and unwind.

Blue Bay

From above, Blue Bay looks like a yin yang of light blue water and dark blue reef. It is the island's most famous snorkelling site and the whole bay is frequented by glass bottom boats.


Must-do activities during your Mauritius holidays

Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius

Discover Port Louis, the capital, with its tropical beauty and colonial charm. The city offers a perfect mix of surprises to satisfy anyone's sense of adventure. Visit historic sites such as the Blue Penny Museum, the Jummah Mosque and the Company Garden.


The Pamplemousse Garden

A walk through the garden is an adventure where you will find the botanical pride of the island. Created in the 18th century by Pierre Poivre, it covers nearly 40 hectares. The Pamplemousses Garden is home to thousands of plant species brought back from the four corners of the world by Pierre Poivre.


Diving at Blue Bay Marine Park

The underwater fauna and flora of the Blue Bay Marine Park are rich and exceptional. You can swim among the colourful fish and explore the stunning seabed.


Kitesurfing at Le Morne

You'll find a kitesurfing beach in the shadow of the bleak cliffs of Morne Brabant. A strong breeze sweeps expert riders on waves parallel to the shore. Spectators, hang on to your hats. Visit Le Morne Brabant while you're here


Grand Bay and Flic en Flac: villages known for their night life

Take a dynamic Mauritius trip to the tourist village of Grande Bay. During your beach holiday, you can enjoy amazing sunbathing and swimming. This village is also known for its nightlife, with restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The tourist village of Flic en Flac is the ideal destination for a lively stay with family and friends. The village offers a very lively environment and lifestyle. In addition to its beautiful beaches, you will also find numerous hotels, shopping centres, bars, casinos, nightclubs... Everything you need for an exciting holiday.


Visit the Ganga Talao (Grand Bassin)

Visit the Ganga Talao, a sacred place for Hindus located in the centre of the island. Here you will find giant statues of Shiva and Maa Durga, as well as several temples. It is 550m above sea level and is a good starting point for a hike around the island.


Hiking in the mountains

Go hiking in the rainforests of Mauritius and explore the lush, ancient forests. The hiking trails offer easy access for all hikers and are a wonderful way to spend a day in nature. For the extreme thrill seekers, mountain climbing will be a must during your holiday in Mauritius.


Mauritius holidays: a green setting for nature lovers

Travel to Mauritius, a volcanic island known for its natural beauty and the birthplace of the dodo bird. Discover unspoilt natural landscapes and lush prehistory. Visit a national park to learn more about this global biodiversity hotspot.

The volcanic mountains of Mauritius offer birdwatching, quad biking and ecological adventures. The savannah-like plains contain pockets of old growth forest with endemic plants and wildlife. The island strives to reduce the ecological footprint of tourism on the island and offers many opportunities for botanical discovery.

Places to visit during your Mauritius holidays:

  • Black River Gorges National Park
  • The Island of the Egrets
  • The Vanilla Reserve of the Mascareignes
  • Casela Leisure Park
  • Favourites are the Domaine L'Étoile
  • Frederica Nature Reserve at Domaine de Bel Ombre
  • Ferney Valley


Mauritius Travel: Geography and Demography

Mauritius is an island nation located off the southeast coast of the African continent. It covers about 1900 square kilometres and is about 900 km east of the large island of Madagascar. It can be considered a volcanic lagoon island. The largest percentage of the population is bilingual, i.e. fluent in French and English.


Mauritius trip: a culinary journey

Your Mauritius holidays will be rich in colour and flavour! The unparalleled culinary wealth of Mauritius ranges from starred chefs in gourmet restaurants to snacks sold by street vendors. The delicate "heart of palm" salad is exquisite and all visitors should try it at least once, as well as the typical and tasty Mauritian dishes, reflecting the island's mixed heritage. A mixture of French, Indian, African and Chinese are all found on the plates.

Travelling to Mauritius is an opportunity to discover the Creole-style rougail, the Chinese-inspired upside-down bowl and the French-style meat stew or daube. What better way to enjoy these dishes than with a local Phoenix beer, or a lemon grass and ginger drink!

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