Ile aux Cerfs - Mauritius

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Ile aux Cerfs à l'Ile Maurice

Ile aux Cerfs is an island covering an area of about 100 hectares. It is located a few meters from Mangénie Island, on the east coast of Mauritius. It has been converted into a recreational area and is one of the most accessible islands for Mauritians and tourists. There is a wide range of activities offered by different operators: pedal boats, kayaking, water-skiing, kitesurfing and many other water sports or even golf. A typical day on the island often begins with a visit to Grande Rivière Sud-Est and its waterfall. This is followed by a trip to Ile aux Cerfs in speedboats or catamarans.

Possible activities

But let's be objective, if you want to fully enjoy this Eden, go there before all the catamarans pour their streams of passengers because at that moment, you will be approached by the beach vendors, the excursion vendors, and those of multiple diverse activities. That's why you need to stand out from the crowd and plan this trip to leave at around 9am. On the way out, depending on the tides, you will be offered to snorkel either in the marine park or among the barracudas… Don't worry, they are not hungry so early in the morning! These dives are definitely the most magnificent you can do in the lagoon within easy reach of everyone.

It is also possible to walk underwater, an activity preferred by the less adventurous. With a very clear sea, when the weather is good, i.e. 300 days a year, having your head under water is a spectacle worth experiencing, especially when the beautiful fish come around you as they are fond of the pieces of bread they are waiting for.

Water activities at Ile aux cerfs

paravoile à ile maurice

Other than diving and walking underwater, there is also 'parasailing', which involves paragliding while being hoisted by a high-powered motorboat. This ride takes approximately 10 minutes and the price is negotiable if you are in a group. There are several such service providers on Île aux Cerfs. This is why negotiation can be easy.

The Catamaran

Catamaran à l'Ile aux cerfs - Ile Maurice

Another more relaxing activity is catamaran sailing, a service also offered for those who want to take it easy while sipping a Mojito, alcoholic or not! Enjoy a cocktail and taste some amazing local fritters, go for a swim or lie down, half in the water and half in the sun, while a lobster barbecue is prepared. Then, after lunch, explore the island, or relax, nothing is imposed. You are free! If you wish, it is possible to go shopping where the crowds are. The boat is yours, you decide how to plan your encounter with the island to enjoy it. On the way back, you will be told where to go for another dip, at Eau Bleue or Trou-Moutou for example. The spectacle is movingly beautiful and its splendour will remain forever engraved in your memory. Normally the catamaran day starts around 8.30 am and ends around 4.30 pm, depending on the provider.

Ile aux Cerfs described by King Richard II

Ile aux Cerfs is situated off the Trou d'Eau Douce in the largest lagoon in Mauritius. Ile aux Cerfs, like Chamarel, is a must-see because of its natural charm, reminiscent of Shakespeare's description of England in King Richard II. "This precious island found in a silver sea…" It is known for its lagoons, natural pools, beautiful sandy beaches as everywhere on the island. It is the most popular excursion destination. It receives about eight hundred visitors a day. The island has lush vegetation on 87 hectares, confining tourists to a four hundred metre radius around the landing site. It is a beautiful place that immediately draws captive eyes.

The hike on Ile aux Cerfs is definitely the most famous in Mauritius. Many visitors wish to do it, and it is undeniable that the island, with its magnificent white sandy beach, invites to laze around in a postcard setting.

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