Fréderica Nature Reserve: Away from the daily urban grind

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Réserve naturelle de Fréderica ile Maurice

You've probably heard of Bel Ombre for its beach, but it's much more than that! Think of a pristine environment, with birds chirping in the fresh unpolluted air. Surrounded by lush greenery, you'll enjoy majestic mountain views and beautiful waterfalls. The Fréderica Nature Reserve in Bel Ombre combines encounter, discovery and thrills.  It invites you to become one with nature while exploring the many facets of Mauritian biodiversity. Hidden from view, this haven of peace is endowed with a rich biodiversity that holds many secrets. A refuge of wild and mountainous greenery, the place invites you to explore the nature and the richness of the landscape where the deer parade majestically. Whether by quad, 4×4, or walking for the less adventurous, this ride will not fail to surprise you.

Where the Fréderica Nature Reserve is located

Nestled in the heart of the Bel Ombre estate and located just a stone's throw from the hotels, the Fréderica Nature Reserve covers nearly 1,300 hectares. The reserve is protected by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. This organisation ensures that the reserve is promoted through nature conservation projects. Above all, it ensures that the reserve is managed effectively to reduce the impact of visitors on the environment.

Its proximity to the Black River Gorges Park offers a breathtaking landscape. Managed by TerrOcean, the site offers a tour concept that combines learning and entertainment around the flora and fauna, in the company of trained guides. To experience the exhilaration of nature and encounter this reserve, you must first pass through a cane field, along a stream and through a passageway where the remains of Fréderica, an old traditional sugar mill chimney, stand. This refreshing discovery, full of surprises and wonder, is made by 4×4 safari. 

How to get to the Fréderica Nature Reserve

The 'Discovery' trail offers a two-hour ride on a quad, buggy or 4×4. The 'Dalsing' trail is more exciting for beginner riders. The trail starts on a flat surface in the middle of sugar cane fields and then heads towards the pond, the ruins of the old Fréderica sugar factory, before stopping at a waterfall to cool off before heading back on the road. The "Guava" trail has a different feel, with a greater difference in altitude, and is best suited to more experienced riders. 

After crossing the cane fields and the plains of Dalsing, the hikers go deep into the primary forest. A magnificent gift awaits the new explorers after a few minutes of trekking: the impressive Quintré waterfall. Please note that all the routes are done with guides who have their first aid certificate, in addition to a training from the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. 

The unrivalled beauty of the Fréderica Nature Reserve

The Night Safari is a two and a half hour 4×4 drive through a unique and protected environment in the late hours of the day. It allows you to witness the awakening of the wildlife at sunset. Visitors first stop at the hilltop kiosk, where they can contemplate one of the most beautiful views of the island, enhanced by the last rays of the sun, and watch the animals emerge from their dens: deer, wild boar, bats, among others. The tour ends at the lodge where refreshments and snacks are served in a friendly atmosphere around a campfire.

Activities at the Fréderica Nature Reserve

Fréderica offers its visitors themed treks to vary from the traditional hike. The programme includes two very different concepts: the photo safari or the archery. The photo safari includes a two-hour hike. Accompanied by a guide with a passion for photography, hikers venture off the beaten track to observe Mauritian flora and fauna. Fréderica is one of the few regions of the island to be home to endangered species. Three birds in particular include the kestrel, the green cardinal and the pigeon. The archery option offers a trek and a circuit of about ten targets. This route in the heart of the reserve also lasts about two hours. It is suitable for both experienced archers and beginners.

Age limit

Children are welcome in the Fréderica Nature Reserve! The 4×4 and buggy rides are ideal for families to discover the charms of Mauritian nature. For the quad, the driver must be at least 16 years old and the passenger 12 years old. Children from the age of 5 can ride the buggies. As for the 4×4's, they welcome passengers of all ages.

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