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Mauritius in June

In this part of the Indian Ocean, June is particularly cold and wet.  It is the beginning of the southern winter but Mauritius does not lose its capacity as a seductive island and still attracts many tourists in winter.  Indeed, the winter season starts in early June and lasts until September.  During this part of the year, the climate can reach up to 25oC. All in all, don't be disappointed if you don't get to make snowmen, because winter in the tropics is not like the winter you would certainly experience in Europe.  It is also worth noting that the month of June is just as particular for its unexpected drops in temperature and here temperatures can drop above 23oC.  In winter, however, there is no risk of a tropical cyclone. However, be prepared to deal with the cold air currents of the southern Mascarene highs. 

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Winter days in Mauritius

For those looking for long days in the sun, June is the ideal month.  During this month, the amount of sunshine is constant.  However, according to meteorologists, the shortest day of the month is between 19 June or 20 June with only 10.54 hours of sunshine, while the longest day is only four minutes long between 1 June and 2 June with an estimated 10.58 hours of sunshine.  On the other hand, you will be lucky to experience winter rains in Mauritius during the month of June. Rainfall is most likely to occur at this time of the year. However, rainfall is least likely towards the end of the month, around June 29. June is therefore one of the driest months of the year in Mauritius with an average of 76 mm of rainfall throughout the month, compared to 228 mm in February alone!

Weather in Mauritius

Humidity in winter

That said, during the month of June, humidity varies largely between 62% and 94% for a typical June. This rarely falls below 52% moderate humidity and consequently, the air is mostly dryest towards the end of the month as well, from June 22 onwards, which is when the humidity falls below 67% on four out of five days. On the other hand, the humidity level at the beginning of the month is clearly higher for a winter month, i.e. over 90% on four days out of five.

The winter sky in Mauritius

We will keep to the logic of things with the presence of cloud bands over the country during the month of June.  Throughout June, the median cloud cover varies between 56% and 62%.  At this time of year, the sky tends to become cloudier and the median cloud cover increases by 6% between the beginning and end of June.  In terms of wind, wind speeds range from 1 m/s to 7 m/s, which is considered a light breeze. These breezes rarely exceed 9 m/s when the highest average wind speed is 4 m/s and blows towards the end of the month, around 30 June, when the average daily maximum wind speed is a moderate 7 m/s. At this time of year, the wind comes mainly from the east, followed by the southeast. Let's leave the land to find out what happens at sea. At this time of year, the sea water temperature is still relatively warm with temperatures reaching 25oC in some areas.  So you shouldn't miss out on water activities…

Places to discover in June in Mauritius

  • Cap Malheureux is located in the north of Mauritius. This beach offers breathtaking views of the three northern islands of Ile Plate, Ile Ronde and Coin De Mire. There are also a number of hotels in the Cap Malheureux area including the Veranda Paul & Virginie and the Coin de Mire Hotel.
  • Mont Choisy beach is a beautiful white sandy beach with crystal clear turquoise waters. This beach is particularly popular with locals and tourists alike as it is almost 3 kilometres long. One of the hotels near this beach is the Casuarina Resort & Spa.
  • Tamarin is a popular beach for local surfers as it is one of the best surfing spots on the island, thanks to its guaranteed big waves all year round. This beach is located on the west coast of the island, right at the mouth of the Tamarin River.
  • However, if you are looking for a family beach, you should try Trou aux Biches, located in the north of Mauritius. This beach is great for families as the water is shallow, allowing children and nervous swimmers to enjoy the warm water.

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