Company Garden, a rare green corner in the middle of the concrete jungle

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Company Garden, a rare green corner in the middle of the concrete jungle

The Company Garden (Jardin de la Compagnie) is known to many as the Central Park of Mauritius. However, far from what you may find in the United States, the Mauritian garden is smaller and more restricted. The size of this garden is no more than a square kilometre, but the journey through the huge trees in the middle of a constantly active city will leave a lasting impression.

Where is the Company Garden in Port Louis?

After walking a few hundred meters from the central station or more commonly called the Victoria station or the South station, since it links the North of Mauritius to the rest of the country including the South, we finally arrive at La Chaussée street where the route stops abruptly in front of two huge wrought iron gates. All around, there is a permanent movement, cars, trucks, motorbikes, pedestrians… you could think you are in a human anthill. But behind this busy city décor lies a treasure, a corner of paradise.

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If you smell the enticing aroma of a fast food restaurant, you know you're there. Not far from the natural history museum, you are finally in the Company Garden. Finally, a corner of paradise to hide from the scorching sun and recharge your batteries for further journeys within the Mauritian capital. In no time at all, we find ourselves in front of two enormous totems representing dragons and Chinese lions. The two breathtaking marble sculptures stand as the guardians of this garden that will keep you company for long minutes. There is a lot of movement here too, but the sweet smell of food being cooked in the corridor to the right of the garden and the gentle flow of refreshing air put us in a peaceful atmosphere that feels like we have left the capital.

The decor of Garden

The setting is outstanding. Nowhere else will you see such a union between the concrete of modernity and the greenery of nature. Tall trees with hanging vines, birdsong, bats on parade and the sound of the nearby thumb stream make the company's garden a must-see during your stay in Mauritius. However, one of the specialities of this garden remains its statues. Among the great men are Adrien d'Épinay and Ti-Frère. The latter is an illustrious segatier of the country…a legend whose ravanne can still be heard. Let's take the time to sit down for a few minutes and enjoy a good farata from Aka or an alouda frappé to live the Mauritian way.

The flora of Company Garden

But the Company Garden doesn't stop there. If you visit, it is the perfect time to have your picture taken with the big banyan trees (trees with thick lianas). These trees are century-old plants and are the last ones still existing in Mauritius and the Mascarene Islands. Apart from the big trees, visitors can also stay in the shade of the big palm trees in the northern part of the garden either by crossing the Intendance road and admire the beautiful fountain and its dolphins sculpted in cement. You should also admire the work of the craftsmen with the multiple sculptures of the lions that watch for the exit of this paradisiacal corner. The northern part is also known for its tropical flower gardens which give off a sweet floral scent.

The bonus is that you can also enjoy a shopping spree on the Paris Bridge adjacent to the garden. Enjoy your visit!

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